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My Life With Death -- Green funerals

Green FuneralsPosted by Hayley Owen Mon, July 23, 2018 17:55:01


You might know the basics, you might even know a bit more, but allow me to fill in a few potential gaps on ‘green’ funerals. These will no doubt become increasingly popular as more people consider their impact on the planet. We all want a good death; what about a good ‘after death’ too?

1. Green funerals don’t include embalming or cremation.

2. Coffins are made from biodegradable materials including wicker, cardboard and bamboo. Some people choose a shroud instead.

3. A tree or flower might ‘mark the spot’, instead of a headstone.

4. Green funerals often take place in so-called natural burial grounds, or designated woodland sites in large cemeteries. There are more than 200 natural burial grounds all around the UK and new ones regularly open.

It does sound rather lovely, doesn’t it -- resting for eternity under the summer sunshine, surrounded by blossoms in spring and golden leaves in autumn, with birds and other wildlife in abundance.

Funerals are naturally times of grief and sadness but natural burials might help with the grieving process; families will know their loved one’s death has not harmed the environment. Quite the opposite, as natural burial areas are beautiful and tranquil places that need plans in place to protect them. Such land is, perhaps, one of the very best things to leave behind for future generations.

Knowing you are going to have a green funeral could mean more peace of mind before you die. And, give added meaning to the phrase ‘rest in peace’.

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