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My Life With Death - Happy Christmas from Scrooge!

MiscellaneousPosted by Hayley Owen Sun, December 24, 2017 10:31:13
Bah, humbug! A Christmas present to myself.......

Many of you will know the classic Dickens novel A Christmas Carol. One of its characters is the 'Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come', the third and final spirit to visit Ebenezer Scrooge. The phantom resembles the Grim Reaper and allows Scrooge to see that, if he continues on his nasty, miserly and uncharitable path, no one will mourn or miss him when he dies.

Scrooge is lucky to get this wake-up call and see the error of his ways. He has a fantastic opportunity -- to see what he's doing wrong, reflect, and change things for the better. He seizes this second chance and becomes a wonderful force for good, ultimately saving the life of Bob Cratchit's son, Tiny Tim.

Scrooge's experiences are a lesson for life for us all, and not just at Christmas. As I often say, you never know when your time is up - not everyone gets the chance to tie up life's loose ends and say a proper goodbye. Death can come very suddenly, out of the blue. It might be worth asking yourself, what would people say about you when you die? What would be in your epitaph? Who would be sad? Who would miss you? Would they miss a giving and friendly person? Someone who looks out for others and cheers people up? Or........?

None of us is perfect, and that's the nature of human beings. But we can all be better people, including me, of course! So, I'm spending a few minutes imagining what The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come might tell me about myself if he was to turn up (he would probably frighten my boyfriend Dave and dog Trixie to death!!)

My reflections will be 'Hayley's Christmas present to Hayley'. And, hopefully, a present to others too, if I can improve who I am.

Happy Christmas and wishing you all the very best for 2018!


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