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My Life With Death - Watch this space for Teacher Hayley!

Who is Hayley ?Posted by Hayley Owen Sun, April 15, 2018 10:56:44


I'm so excited! I'm learning how to be a teacher!

Having spent many years in the funeral sector already, including more than two years running my own business, I've just started studying how to train others to be a funeral director.

I'll continue to be a director and embalmer, of course, but I am keen to share what I've learned with others. Death is an unavoidable part of life and we have to engage with it. A good funeral director can really smooth the process and make a massive difference to the relatives of the deceased, as well as to the terminally ill.

I'll be attending classes and doing a lot of studying at home, part of a course run by the British Institute of Funeral Directors. It will probably take me a couple of years to complete so I'll be in my very early 30s when I'm done!


My boyfriend Dave (here we both are, above) will become my husband in June. He's already learned a lot about the industry and has taken some of his exams. I often get emails and CVs from all kinds of people -- including a lot of women -- who are keen to get experience in the funeral profession; in the near future I'll be able to pass on my knowledge and skills more easily.

Hayley Owen, funeral director, embalmer and teacher -- I like the sound of it already!

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